What Is The Engine That Drives Prosperity…And Why? – by Bob Burg

I must admit annoyance when hearing politicians campaign on how they will create jobs. The reason is because politicians cannot create jobs. Government cannot create jobs (at least not value-based).

The only thing they can do in terms of job creation is to ensure an environment where entrepreneurs are free to create and where people are free to buy, sell and trade freely with one another. To the degree government does this and then stay out of the way, they have a hand in job creation. But they themselves are not the job creators.

Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the economy and resulting overall prosperity. And, in a free-market based economy (not to be confused with Corporatism or Cronyism), one can only become wealthy by providing value that others are willing to pay for, and by providing that value to many people.

In other words, both parties — the buyer and the seller — come away better off than they were before the transaction. There is no limited “pie” to carve up. When entrepreneurs are allowed to create value for the marketplace, an unlimited number of pies are “baked.” Everyone wins!

What is the gunk that slows up the engine? Government red tape and unnecessary regulations. Whether on a federal, state, county or local level, the more needless and even counterproductive hoops an entrepreneur must “jump through” in order to get his or her business started and to keep it running – the less incentive they will have to do so. Or simply not be able to make a profit and thus go out of business.

The result: less value provided to others (products or services people want or need), less employment of others as the business expands (based on profits) and less money being circulated throughout the community that helps others earn money.

Now, is any type of regulation ever necessary? Sure; that which will protect the citizenry from force or fraud.

That aside, no…nothing more is needed. Other than for the politicians and bureaucrats to stay out of the way and let abundance happen.

So, please. Next time you hear a politician — any politician from either party — announce on television that they have a 50-Point, or 30-Point, or 27-point, or 78-Point Plan for creating jobs, remember this much better plan:

In fact, let’s call it “Bob Burg’s 1-Point Plan For Creating Tons and Tons of New, Value-Based Jobs.” It goes like this:

Get out of the way politicians and bureaucrats and allow entrepreneurs to create jobs!

Too simple? Naw. Just simple enough. (I’m Bob Burg…and I approved this post) ;-)


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