“What Sales Winners Do Differently” – Authored by Mike Schultz and John Doerr of RAIN Group

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Mike Schultz

Mike Schultz

I want to take today’s space to tell you about a report—“What Sales Winners Do Differently”—authored by Mike Schultz (Mike is a guest-post contributor to this site) and John Doerr of RAIN Group, which provides invaluable data and insight re what sellers do to win sales opportunities.

If you’re familiar with The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson, I think you’ll find this report especially fascinating. Here’s what Ian Brodie (Ian is also a guest-post contributor to this site and an individual I have tremendous respect for) had to say about The Challenger Sale, in his blog about Mike’s and John’s report:

I got really annoyed at a book last year.

Stupid really. The book was The Challenger Sale and there’s a lot of good stuff in it. It echoes a lot of the things I’ve been saying about how our clients are changing and how that impacts the way we need to market and sell….

But here’s what annoyed me…

The book took “an everything has changed so everything that’s ever been said about sales before is wrong” stance. Worse still, they proceeded to mis-characterise things like consultative and relationship selling as “good ‘ol boy backslapping” (doesn’t sound like any good professional-client relationship I know).

Their goal in this, I assume, was that by saying “everything that’s gone before is wrong” you’d go out and buy their book.

And so I got annoyed. What could have been great insight and advice became misleading – causing many to drop a lot of the good sales practices they’d learnt over the years.

“What Sales Winners Do Differently” agrees with The Challenger Sale that sales is changing, but delves into the question how. It’s based on an analysis of 700 business-to-business purchases from buyers that represent $3.1 billion in annual purchases. It examines six major areas:

1. What winners do when selling

2. What winners do that is different than second-place finishers

3. What buyers say sellers must do to win their business

4. Drivers of buyer satisfaction with the buying process

5. Drivers of buyer willingness to refer business to the seller

6. Drivers of buyer loyalty

You’ll see, for example, charts that show the top 10 factors that most separate sales winners from second-place finishers, which, buyers report, winners do to the greatest extent more often than second-place finishers.

Ian Brodie concluded:

While The Challenger Sales team claim that it’s “the end of solution sales” and that “selling is not about relationships”, the Raintoday team wisely show that successful sales approaches like consultative, solution and relationship selling haven’t suddenly and magically become obsolete. Those skills are still vital. We just need to add some new skills to the mix.

It’s an evolution, not a revolution. Something I wholeheartedly agree with.

Amen, Ian!

I believe you’re going to find this report exceedingly beneficial. I urge you to download it now: click here.


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