The Ultra Stupidity of Robo Calls!

Robert Terson

I’m not going to write the blog I had planned for today because of two inane robo calls I received this morning. Instead—you should pardon the expression—“as a public service,” I feel compelled to tell you about these ridiculous calls, because if any of you are using these “calls” in your business, or are sending the email equivalents of robo calls, you need to know you’re engaging in S-T-U-P-I-D, wasteful behavior.

The first call (it was a woman’s voice), which came in on the landline, informed me that, as a senior citizen, if I qualify, I can receive $3,000 worth of groceries from the federal government; trust me, I don’t qualify, which makes me wonder why they’re not doing the proper qualifying before they put together their call list.

The second call came in on my cellphone (it, too, was a woman’s voice). It started out : “This is a public service…to inform you that you’re overpaying for your automobile insurance.” I clicked off the call as soon as I heard the words “overpaying for your automobile insurance.” Like these idiots really know what I’m paying for my automobile insurance; like the purpose of the call is really a “public service”; like I’m not supposed to care that they’re violating the Do Not Call List.

There are countless positive ways to seek out business. Why would anyone choose a methodology that just pisses people off, causes them to think something like, “I wouldn’t do business with you ignorant bastards if my life depended on it!”? I understand people are often prone to engage in self-destructive behavior, but…to me anyway, this is beyond the pale.

Stop it!

It doesn’t work!

It reaps the opposite effect of what you’re intending!

It’s lazy; do the work the right way, for God’s sake!

Call me if you want to talk about it. I’ll point you in the right direction.


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