Todd Schnick

LinkedIn…one of the best business development tools you aren’t using.

Presumably, you have connections in LinkedIn. Whether you have 112 connections, or 1,000+, I don’t care.

Presumably, these are people important to you: customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, referral partners, etc…

You get the idea.

Ask yourself two questions:

1. Why are they there?

2. Why aren’t you communicating with them more often?

Here is Schnick’s best piece of LinkedIn advice:

Assuming you have a smart phone or tablet, download the LinkedIn app. They have just recently launched their new app…

And it rocks, man, it rocks.

It is one of those apps that’s so beautiful, and so easy to use, that it is actually fun to use.

Well, except you, who isn’t using it.

All you have to do is scroll through the “updates” link of your app, and start “swiping” through them all. Here, the updates of the people you are connected to are listed.


But here’s the trick:

Keep an eye out for people you need to (re)connect with…people that you:

A. You want to do business with.

B. Whose organizations you want to serve.

C. Who are a key contact you want to reestablish contact with.

D. Know are important and you haven’t connected with in a while…

Once you identify someone to connect with, click through to their profile, and send them a message (the app will either say “Send message” or show an “envelope” icon, depending on the type of update they share)…

And all you have to do is connect, and:

Say hello.

Ask them how they are doing.

Ask them what’s new.

Ask them how the weather is.

Ask them how their gig is going?

Ask them how the family is.

Ask them how their recent business trip went.

Ask them about trends.

Ask them about the kids.

Ask them about their latest product launch, and how it is going.

I don’t care.

But ask them something. Start a conversation.

But for God sakes…start a darn dialog.

That’s half the battle.

If they respond, and answer your question, you’ve got something to work with.

The rest is up to you.

If you need help from there…

…then I am not sure there is much I can do for you.

For I believe that half the battle in sales is starting a conversation.


“But Todd,” you might ask, “woe is me, but when do I have time to do this…?”

How about:

1. When you are in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

2. When you are in the check-out line at the supermarket.

3. When you are, ahem, taking care of business.

4. When you are wide awake at night and cannot sleep.

5. When you are on hold with tech support.

6. When you are stuck in traffic (just don’t let the authorities see).

7. When you are in the elevator.

8. While watching the kid’s soccer game.

9. When you are traveling to Florida, and the wife is driving.

10. When you agree to watch a Lifetime movie with the lady, and you are pretending to watch.

11. During a time out of the ballgame you are watching.

12. During commercials and you can’t reach the remote.

13. When you are waiting for your food at a restaurant, and the family doesn’t mind you “working and earning money whilst on your phone.”

14. During the previews of a movie, even though you promised that you turned off the phone.

15. Whilst your plane is taxiing down the runway, and you are hiding the phone between your legs to hide it from the flight attendant….

You get the idea.

Look, I don’t care. You don’t need to carve out four hours a day to make use of this. You need to find a minute here…find a minute there.

The app makes this simple. Reaching out and saying hello to people is obvious.

Starting a conversation with someone is the hard part.

Now…go to work. Stop wasting time reading me…

P.S. I’ve sold lots of business on LinkedIn. Don’t believe me? Email me at, and we’ll get on the phone, and I’ll tell the stories…


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