The Center of the Universe & 10 Other Great Places To Be – by Toni Jacaruso

I am fortunate to manage several salespeople scattered across the country, consult with some amazing social media mavens and serve a variety of clients from coast to coast. I have a wonderful husband, an adopted beagle with a penchant for jailbreaks, a multitude of close friends and a neurotic but talented assistant. I am the center of my universe!

Except that I’m not.

Astronomers tell us there is no known center of the universe – so it can’t be me, right? Still, there are moments when I am confronted with a different reality, and that’s usually when I have a VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEM.

When I have a VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEM, I can shift the laws of physics and gravity and become the center of the entire universe. Planets, stars, entire galaxies begin to orbit around me. This can be a very dangerous time for all involved in my life. It can also be a very dangerous time for my business,

What I have come to understand is a very simple fact: just because something is important to me doesn’t mean it will be important to my clients. Each of my clients has their own lists of problems and priorities. The number one item on my list that must be dealt with immediately might not even be a blip on their radar screen. I have had to learn to look at life and business through the eyes of others if I’m to continue to be useful and successful.

I present myself and my company as the solution to your problems. But if I begin to look and act more like the problem than the solution, how long will I be of value to you? I must treat every situation as an opportunity to be the solution. Sometimes being the solution means not hounding my clients about the VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEM. This week, I am spending time with my sales team on this issue in the hope that we can be the people our clients are excited to hear from, instead of the phone call that gets ignored because we’ve become a pain.

Now that I’ve written all this I must add a caveat. If you are my husband and you are reading this, be aware this only applies to business. Don’t start getting any bright ideas. I still am, and will continue to be, the center of your universe. Period. End of statement.



Toni Jacaruso has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, offering clients deep insight and expertise in sales, marketing and social media. Embracing engagement over outdated, pushy sales tactics, she teaches people how to close sales and increase revenue. Toni owns Jacaruso Enterprises, a sales training and consulting company and a revolutionary sales lead generation service called LeadSweetener.


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