A Book Review – Selling for Fun and Profit: Take the “Icky” and “Scary” Out of Sales by Hugh Liddle

Robert Terson

SellingForFunandProfit-350x350Well, it’s a new year and as I work on my novel, I’m going to start reviewing books again. The first one is Selling for Fun and Profit: Take the “Icky and “Scary” Out of Sales by my friend Hugh Liddle. Hugh is the CEO and founder of Red Cap Sales Coaching and his material comes from over 40 years of experience in sales; we’re kindred spirits on that score. His Blog Talk Radio show, “Sales Coaching Chalk Talk” is a terrific show. I was blessed to be interviewed by Hugh in June—take a listen

Selling for Fun and Profit: Take the “Icky” and “Scary” Out of Sales is only 120 pages long, but chock full of some wonderful information that’ll help you immensely. It’s a quick, easy read and I enjoyed it, found it a fun read; I think you will, too. I don’t think anyone has covered the basics of professional selling any clearer than Hugh has—it’s a great primer for the beginner and full of reminders for the experienced pro.

Here’s a breakdown of the Table of Contents:

Introduction: “Oh, dear! What if I really AM a salesperson?” You Can Sell With Pride!

Chapter 1: Sales – Not the Same Old Game

Chapter 2: How Can I Find People to Talk With

Chapter 3: Let’s Get Ready! Preparing to Sell

Chapter 4: Building Rapport and Relationships – it’s Easier Than You Think

Chapter 5: Let’s Relax and Get on the Same Page: The Preliminary Oral Contract

Chapter 6: What Do You Want to Know? The Fine Art of Asking Great Sales Questions

Chapter 7: It’s all about the Prospect, Not You! Sales is Just About Problem Solving

Chapter 8: Ask and Ye Shall Receive. Two Simple Question

Chapter 9: We Never Close

Chapter 10: Uh-oh! It’s an Objection! How to Answer Objections Intelligently

Chapter 11: It’s all in the Follow Through!

Chapter 12: “Who I’d Like to Talk to is…” Asking for Referral

Chapter 13: I Got a Sales Job, Now What?

Afterward: You Have the Information…Now What?

Surprisingly, there is only one Amazon.com review for Hugh’s book. It’s a five-Star review from Jonathan Manske, who had this to say: Hugh shows you how to sell in a way that is actually pleasant and enjoyable rather than the old school confrontational style. He also clearly explains the 8 components that are a must in the sales process. So often people try to sell without one or more of these 8 steps and that is like trying to bake with some missing ingredients. It just doesn’t work very well

You can order Selling for Fun and Profit: Take the “Icky” and “Scary” Out of Sales here.


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