A Book Review – “Inspired Business” by Elinor Stutz

Robert Terson

inspired-business-bookOne of the first incredible friends I made in the sales coaching/training/speaking world is Elinor Stutz. This was shortly after Sellingfearlessly.com came online. She’s an Amazing Woman! Smart, talented, funny. Anyone who hires Elinor is getting the real McCoy. She’s a guest-post contributor of this site (one of the first); a colleague in the STA Sales Mastermind Group; a pro’s pro in the sales profession and someone you should be paying close attention to. You can connect with Elinor at www.smoothsale.net, on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Today’s blog is a review of Elinor’s latest book, her third, Inspired Business. I’ll tell you why I like this book so much: I’m sent sales books all the time. I’m asked to read and review them. Most of them are excellent reads, in the sense that they provide wonderful, spot-on information. The problem, though, for me anyway, is that too many of them are written in what I call the Abstract Theory mode: the author is telling you about what to do; he/she isn’t showing you how to do it. It’s sort of like sitting in on a lecture. Information is being imparted to you, but it’s BORING!!!

Not so with Inspired Business. This is a highly personal book, with a lot of stories that you’ll connect with; I sure did! The first chapter, “My Story”, is a real grabber that’ll set the tone for you, and then it’s all uphill. There aren’t too many sales books that I reread, but know I’m going to reread this one (assuming I ever catch up on my list of books that I’ve promised to read and review; phew!).

Here’s the breakdown of Inspired Business:

About the Book

Foreword by Deborah A. Scott

Chapter 1:   My Story

Chapter 2:   Your Personal Tripod: Mind, Body, Spirit

Chapter 3:   Developing Your Business Tripod: Belief, Vision and Plan

Chapter 4:   Using Magnetic Communication to Build Your Brand

Chapter 5:   Traditional Communication Techniques

Chapter 6:   Transferring Business Development Techniques to Social Media

Chapter 7:   GROW Your Online Followings with Etiquette

Chapter 8:   Branding Using Video Technology

Chapter 9:   Power Branding Creates Far-reaching Results

Chapter 10:  Tracking Your Results

Chapter 11:  Include Community Service in Your Plan

Chapter 12:  Anything IS Possible!

Chapter 13:  Truth and Respect Build Your Reputation

Chapter 14:  Determind Your Best Path

Epilogue: Balance and Harmony Welcome Success


About the Author 

A tradition of my book reviews is choosing my favorite Amazon.com review for the book. My favorite review was put up by Richard Ruff, who also happens to be a colleague of ours in the STA Sales Mastermind Group:

What I and my partner Janet Spirer most liked about this book was that it was true to its title. Some books in sales are inspirational and some are informative but very few manage to accomplish both – Elinor did.

If you are someone who has worked for a company and have just decided to go out on your own and try your hand at entrepreneurship this book should be on your reading short list. The author provides a series of best practices that will make your journey to working on your own a little less difficult.

Since my partner and I both had to take this trip we found the challenges to be real and the suggestions to be thoughtful. The book does a particularly good job at pointing out the importance of collaboration as a mindset that will do you well as you start your own business 

As you read the book it becomes quite clear that it could only have been written by someone who actually lived what they were writing about – we can highly recommend you take advantage of the story that the book unfolds.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to pick up a copy of Inspired Business. I think you’ll be glad you did.


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