Focus on What You Really Want – by Joanne Victoria

Do you surf the web and spend too much time on Facebook wondering why you are not making the millions touted by numerous Platinum-level consultants? Do you find yourself multitasking? Are your thoughts scattered? Do you have a lengthy to-do list? Are any of your projects completed on time?

The only way to truly get what you want is to have tunnel vision. I’m talking about healthy tunnel vision where you spend time focusing on what you want to achieve.

Ignore those who are promoting Million Dollar Sales possibilities or multi-million dollar online opportunities. These are distractions that will fill you with doubt. Doubt makes you uncertain and then you start questioning yourself.

Stop fixating on things you can do nothing about, which is most everything. Let it go and stop trying to control anything. You’ll destroy the spontaneity and the miracles that come with.

Jimmie Johnson, six time NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion looking for his seventh and beyond Championship wins, had this to say after his Dover 2009 win:

“You know, I see guys get so worried about what other people think, what other people say and spend a lot of time in those areas. That’s not what works for me. I tried to play some of those games in 2005 with Tony Stewart. It didn’t work out for me. Since that day I realized I just need to run my race, put blinders on. Don’t watch television. Don’t watch or read any of the trade papers, magazines. Just ignore, ignore, ignore, and focus on my world and what’s going on with my racecar. That’s what I’ll do through the rest of the Chase.”

It’s Time For You to Ignore, Ignore, Ignore

To be free to focus on what you want is to not concern yourself with not only the opinions of others but also what others are doing in the world. To not concern yourself you would have to be totally aware of who you are and what you want. It is time to focus on who you are, what you want and how to get it. To know who you are and what you want you would have to make choices about your life. To make these choices you would have to not concern yourself with the opinion of others nor what others are doing. You would then be fearless. Being fearless is to be truly free.

The Freedom to Focus

Focus on your own greatness, radiance and joy and you will then be able to acknowledge and recognize it in others. You will then attract brilliant, wonderful, happy people and situations to you. Focus is an easy way to attract success.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals can waste loads of time on insignificant tasks.

Try one or more of the following strategies that will help you focus on what you really want:

1. Give up answering your telephone. Hire a service or only answer your phone at specific times. Leave a voicemail message that says: ‘I will return all telephone calls between the hours of 11 a.m. and noon, and 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. during weekdays.

• Answer your email in the afternoon only. Use the morning time for high-level tasks.

2. Review your clients and friends and eliminate those who do not support you.

• Eliminate whatever it is in your business and personal life that you do not want to finish. Either delete it from your task list or hire it out.

• Write down what you want done.

• Determine what does not inspire you and stop doing it. If it is not the highest and best use of your time, forget about it.

3. Create a team that will support your success.

• Jimmie Johnson has a crew chief, a crew and dozens of experts to help him reach his dream of being a four-time NASCAR champion.

• Hire a Virtual Assistant for all your needs. Hire more than one if needed, as they each have their own specialty.

• Have someone in your life that will edit your writing.

• Hire a technical advisor for your website and other Internet matters.

• Work with a mentor who can support your dreams and tell you the truth.

Focus on your world and what you want. Stop surfing the web looking for some magic. It’s not there because it is in you. The definition of success is to have the freedom to be yourself. Be yourself and focus on what you really want.

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Joanne Victoria, co-founder of Gemma & Bixley and a Life Coach and Business Intuitive Consultant, has been a business practitioner for 30+ years. She provides insights into “big picture” outcomes for clients and offers action steps essential to make dreams come alive. Joanne is the author of 8 books including: Vision With a Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams, Lighting Your Path – How To Create the Life You Want, How To Achieve Your Dream Business and Pushy For a Moment-Instant Solutions to Everyday Challenges. Joanne’s observations on what people can to do succeed have been reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and national television and radio programs.

You can connect with Joanne Victoria at her website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Fan Page, Pinterest, and Google+.


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