Happy Valentine’s Day!

Robert Terson

Today is February 14th, the day we celebrate Love. It also happens to be my younger granddaughter’s eighth birthday. Happy birthday, Jordana!

Ah, I believe Love is the greatest of the gifts the Powers That Be have bestowed upon us, especially romantic love. Nicki and I were married 37 years on January 14th. We celebrated aboard the Emerald Princess, cruising in the Caribbean.

I always say that I’m so in love with this Woman that I can’t think straight half the time. It’s true—she walks into a room and my knees go weak. My gratitude for being given this remarkable gift of Love knows no boundaries! Happy Valentine’s Day, Nicki!

On December 13, 2013 I posted a story from an unknown author entitled “The Lost Wallet, a Great Love Story.” Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to read it. If you can get through it without tearing up you’re a lot tougher than me.

I wish you all Great Love, the kind of Great Love I wake up to every wonderful day of my life; you deserve no less. Go make it happen.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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