Pick Up the Phone and Land Your Referral Sale: It’s not your technology that seals the deal. It’s you! – by Joanne Black

A company tells its salespeople to do their research—to gather every piece of sales intelligence, exploit all of their social-media channels, and know a little bit about the prospect and the trigger events at his company. Then all the salespeople need to do is call or email with a pithy, targeted message to get the meeting.

Sure, that might work. But …

A Cold Call is a Cold Call and Not a Referral

Many salespeople believe that if they reach out to prospects armed with relevant research and data, they’re not cold calling (or cold emailing). After all, they know who the prospects are and even have some good information about them and their companies. They know how the prospects are connected to them through social media, where they used to work, and where they went to school.

The “connected” logic plays out like this: We’re connected online, so we have a relationship!

Wrong! You’re not really connected to your prospects just because you have information about them or know the same people on LinkedIn. Unless you actually know the person you’re calling (or have a referral introduction from someone he trusts), your call or email is ice cold.

Bottom line: If your sales prospect doesn’t know you and doesn’t expect your call, you’re cold calling.  And cold calling wastes your time and your company’s money.

Guarantee Your Sales

What if you could reach out to your sales prospects and get guaranteed results? Yes, guaranteed.

You can! By getting a referral introduction to your decision-maker. When we’re referred, we get the meeting at the level that counts—with people who want to talk to us and can actually make a deal happen.

Research by The TAS Group shows that the No. 1 reason executives agree to meet with salespeople is because they have received a referral from a trusted source.

Why would you waste your time doing anything else? Think about how you spend your time and the type of payoff you want. Get that introduction, and clinch your referral sale!


Joanne Black is America’s leading authority on referral selling. A captivating speaker and innovative seminar leader, Joanne is changing the business of sales. She is the author of NO MORE COLD CALLING™: The Breakthrough System That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust (Warner Business Books) and her latest release: Pick Up the Damn Phone! How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal. You can connect with Joanne at www.NoMoreColdCalling.com or call her at 415-461-8763.


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