An Absolute Foolproof Technique for Establishing Eye Contact

Robert Terson

This is going to be the shortest blog I’ve written so far. Today I simply want to teach you a foolproof method of establishing eye contact with a prospect who refuses to give it to you.

Lack of eye contact is a huge control issue during a sales presentation. The prospect’s eyes are the windows to his buying soul, and if you can’t hold steady eye contact, you’ve got a problem you must overcome. He’ll stare at your visual aid, his feet, and the wall—anywhere except you. What do you do? Since it’s impossible for him to hear his name called out and not visually respond to who said it, I’d stick a hand out and call out his name, “Tom,” and when he looked at me I’d continue. I’d do it as many times as necessary until he gave me the unrestricted eye contact I demanded. Control was mine, and it’ll be yours if you use this technique.

That’s all it takes: a hand to grab his attention and calling out his name. Techniques like this are what separate the Pros from the also-rans. Try it; you’ll find it works 100% of the time, as reliable as Old Faithful in Yellowstone.


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