What is “Value” Anyway? – by Lynn Hidy

Recently I asked What is your #1 call strategy tip for prospecting calls? Here are the answers:

  • “I was hoping you could help me out…”
  • Call the CIO’s office
  • Be human, talk with them like people
  • <lost deal> “did I do anything wrong…”
  • Schedule a meeting in outlook – topic
  • “as I’ve studied your account, I realized…”
  • Find a way to relate
  • Pick up the phone & dial
  • Have a conversation
  • Play dumb
  • Talk about results vs. what we sell
  • BUY deal message
  • Areas I can make it easier to buy
  • “not only do we sell – we manufacturer & know the product”
  • VM – leave them hanging, enough info to call you BACK but not enough to decide anything
  • Don’t spew info
  • “I saw on your website…”

All those ideas made me start thinking about What is “Value” Anyway?

That of course sparked some internet research (go figure) and a question someone posted on LinkedIn about defining value.

  • “Value is often being equated with ‘price’ even though there may be much more significant underlying factors which contribute to a solid ROI in the long run.”
  • “… product design, reliability and durability of manufactured items, quality, consistency, and timeliness of services including anticipating and eliminating or minimizing customer difficulties using your products and services.”

Unfortunately, every single post ended up being about stuff… and let’s face it people don’t care about our stuff, no matter how cool we think it is!

  • Warranty
  • Reliability rating – regardless of how many decimal points past 99% you carry it out
  • Lower price
  • Quicker delivery times
  • Responsiveness of your salesperson

Which brings us to my favorite quote in the thread “the customer typically does not get there by themselves, you have to lead them there” about going from the WHAT to WHY I CARE.

Don’t tell someone about our STUFF tell them what our stuff does FOR THEM!

  • Lifetime warranty = you only pay for it once, then we take care of you and replacements only cost you the return shipping.
  • Reliability rating = get your projects done on time, because the equipment works out of the box.
  • Lower price = know why THEY need to save money.

Get the idea? Talk about the result they are going to get from working together and being a customer…the rest is just STUFF.

Make sure your conversations start with results & end with results…. If they want details on HOW you do that, then you’re in a conversation; start exchanging ideas, asking questions, and finding out what is important to them!

To be valuable, every conversation has to be all about the customer.


Lynn Hidy, founder of UpYourTeleSales.com, is the specialist at creating profitable telesales salespeople and organizations. Lynn knows you can make six figures over the phone–she does!  Working together you will learn to create a phone experience where they will forget you aren’t actually having a cup of coffee together. Catch her radio show Sales Coaching over Coffee. You can connect with Lynn at TwitterLinkedIn, or contact her directly at lynn@upyoursales.com or 315-751-0146.


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