I’m Robert Terson of Sellingfearlessly.com and author of “Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson.”

I retired in January, 2010 from a 40-year career of selling advertising to small businesspeople, 38 years of which I owned my own company, to write, speak, and help others succeed; to give back for a lifetime of blessings.

✦ I want to enlighten and inspire you; to enlighten and inspire you to become a salesperson, or be a far better salesperson than you are now. To inspire you to be that ordinary man or woman who does extraordinary things.

✦ I never planned on doing any professional coaching or training, but it seems the pro bono work I’ve been doing the last few years, along with the success of Sellingfearlessly.com and my book “Selling Fearlessly,” has created a demand for some professional coaching and training, which I’ve agreed to do on a LIMITED basis.

✦ This is my retirement gig, folks, my way of staying in the arena and remaining relevant. My focus is not on making a ton of money; my purpose is providing you great value, to help you and the people of your organization reach heights of success that will simply astound you. So I think you’ll find my rates quite reasonable compared to my colleagues.

✦ Take a moment to click on the Coaching & Training Testimonials link. Read what the people I’ve helped say about me and the work I’ve done for them. I can do the same for you. I’ll tell you this right now: if we work together, I won’t rest until you’re the best you can be, until you’re the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming, until you’re a master at what you do. If that isn’t what you demand of yourself, I’m not your guy. If it is…call me, and together we’ll transform your life.

✦ If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker, fearless sales training or personal coaching from a relentless old Pro, contact me through email at Robert@sellingfearlessly.com or telephone 847-905-0046.

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