Coaching & Training Testimonials

When I retired in January 2010, I said, in no uncertain terms, that I was not going to do any coaching or training; however, because salespeople call me from all over the world seeking help, advice, I’ve been doing a ton of coaching/training—pro bono. It’s gotten to the point that I can’t get everything done in a day that needs to be done. Really, it’s ridiculous! Every time I use the word “retired” around Nicki she rolls her eyes, starts laughing. So I’m reluctantly going to have to curtail that a bit.

On top of that, some individuals insisted that I professionally coach them, which I agreed to do. After I argued with two of them about it, said I wasn’t “professionally trained” as a coach, both told me they didn’t care about that. This is what one said: “Your 40 years of business/selling experience has already given me more value than any ‘professionally-trained’ coach could ever provide; you ask the probing questions that need to be asked, that put me in touch with what I can’t figure out, visualize for myself regarding my goals and dreams; I need you to do this for me!” Well, that sort of hit me between the eyes, so I made the decision to coach a few select individuals. I’m retired, my wife’s sense of humor notwithstanding.

There’s also been a demand to work with, train, a number of sales teams around the country who’ve read my book. But this too will be on a limited basis! At my age there’s only so much of me to go around, my friends. I’m not going to avail myself unless I can provide great value, and I can only provide that kind of value on a very limited basis.

This is my retirement gig, my way of staying in the arena and remaining relevant. My focus is not on making a ton of money; my purpose to help you and the people of your organization reach heights of success that will simply astound you.

I’ll tell you this right now: if we work together, I won’t rest until you’re the best you can be, until you’re the person you’ve always dreamed of becoming, until you’re a master at what you do. If that isn’t what you demand of yourself, I’m not your guy. If it is…call me, and together we’ll transform your life. If I have a slot open, I’ll give you the best I have in me, at what my colleagues have told me are ultra reasonable fees.

Hey, I’m retired.



Tony Vengrove’s LinkedIn Recommendation—Strategy & Innovation Consultant

I discovered Bob via a podcast interview he did last year. His wisdom and humor immediately caught my attention. Shortly thereafter, I found myself devouring his wonderful book, Selling Fearlessly, and knew he was the guy.

Having just started my own innovation consulting business, I quickly found myself in uncharted territory. I had plenty of experience selling ideas to clients, but was completely green with respect to selling my business and myself. I started working with Bob because I couldn’t afford to figure out sales the hard way; I needed a mentor to quickly advance me toward mastery.

That he did, and more. Bob’s advice and suggestions made an immediate impact on both my confidence and my business. He’s armed me with so many tips and suggestions; I still haven’t been able to pursue them all!

Bob is much, much more than a sales coach; he’s a friend, an agent, a mentor, an editor, and a life coach. He’s a pleasure to work with and is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear. That’s because he genuinely cares. As Bob will tell you, he’s retired and doesn’t need to do what he does. He does it because he loves it.

If you’re feeling stuck or lacking confidence with respect to sales and business, I highly recommend a consult with Bob. Your only regret will be that you didn’t reach out to him sooner!


Ken Tasch’s LinkedIn Recommendation—Business Consultant

I just met Bob Terson this year but feel like I’ve known him all my life. That’s the way he makes you feel; every time I talk to him it’s like putting on that comfortable pair of shoes you’ve owned for 20 years.

I had just retired and it was my time to give back for a “lifetime of blessings,” as Bob says. It’s a simple concept, so I thought—help others with my experience. As I soon realized, it was about as simple as pole vaulting in the Olympics.

I was lost, without a GPS. Bob found me wandering around the Cloud (literally and figuratively). Now Bob is helping me find myself. It will be a short journey with him driving.

Whether you’re just starting on your journey, you took the wrong road, or came to a fork in one, Bob can help you find the way.

It’s often said never mistake knowledge for wisdom; with Bob you get both for the price of one.


Bob Rickert’s LinkedIn Recommendation—Author & Business Consultant

I was referred to Bob for the purpose of helping me build a platform for my recently published book, Profit Heroes. I was told he could help me achieve what I couldn’t achieve on my own. At first, I had my doubts. But, that wisdom turned into a life-changing experience. 

Bob got to know me personally, most professional coaches tend to share more about themselves then take the extra time it takes to learn the history, personal motivations and other factors that impact personal and professional goals. Bob did that and he did it well. In fact, he taught me many things about myself I didn’t even know!

With his help, I acquired over 20 top endorsements from industry-leading thought leaders; I published articles, blogs and to-date have now completed 10 Podcast interviews, all featuring my book, thought leadership and services. He also helped me secure an inspiring Foreword for my book from a highly successful business and sales leader Dan Waldschmidt. These are all things I couldn’t have done on my own, and he made them happen in only a few short months.

Anyone needing to take their project or career to another level would be wise to engage Bob. In fact, run, don’t walk, the sooner you do it, the sooner you will see your payback!! 


Justin Owens’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Direct Sales Expert, Professional Development Mentor, and Keynote Speaker

Bob has been a tremendous asset to our organization. We all took his book and coaching to heart, applied the principles “Selling Fearlessly” and Bob’s coaching taught us, and it paid off dividends during the months that followed. We had the biggest months in our company’s history! Thank you, Bob–for the book, the education, and hands-on coaching.


Pat Helmers’s LinkedIn Recommendation—Teacher of Non Pushy Sales, Sales Trainer, Sales Coach, Sales Consultant and Host of Sales Babble

I interviewed Bob about his book “Selling Fearlessly, – A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson” Bob did a terrific job sharing how sellers should have a mindset of equality that first and foremost focuses on the clients best interest. He talked about how amateurs dive into the presentation while professionals use questioning to guide the presentation. We spoke about discovering the needs of the customers and adding value with solutions that make sense. His advice is solid and his coaching was much appreciated.


Tom Sterns’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Business Consultant and Artist

I discovered Robert on Twitter when a friend shared a blog he had written. I was impressed by the content so I followed Robert on Twitter. Within a few minutes he reached out to me directly. What followed were a few life-changing conversations. It was quite remarkable and I’m still amazed at how these few brief conversations have affected me. I don’t know how to articulate this without sounding corny but Robert is truly inspirational. Talk to Robert at least once. It may be all you need to advance your career, more importantly your life! Do it now.


Stephen Lahey’s LinkedIn Recommendation—Helping Solo Professionals Acquire Their Ideal Clients 

It was fascinating for me to interview Robert Terson for the podcast. Over his 40+ year career in small business and sales, he’s seen and done it all. 

Selling Fearlessly, goes well beyond sales education. His book is about service and creating value for others. It’s not just about selling, it’s about living a successful life. Thank you for writing something truly special, Bob.


Liz D’Aloia’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Entrepreneur and Business Innovator

I discovered Bob through one of his blogs that was posted here on LinkedIn. I connected with him, and was blown away when he offered to move our networking relationship from a superficial connection — to actually getting to know each other. 

In preparation for our meeting, I read his book, Selling Fearlessly. The book put all of my training in context. Bob shares some wonderful stories and strategies, and really breaks down the sales process. 

Bob is generous with his time and truly believes in paying it forward. He helped me work through some issues and strategies, and also gave me some fantastic advice and guidance. I look forward to working with him as I build my business.


Kelly Riggs–Author, Speaker, Performance Coach

Working on the book as I received your message…. I really appreciate your encouragement.

The reality is your advice was absolutely correct – and exactly what I needed to jolt me out of a deep rut. I’m very grateful…

One typically meets only a handful of genuine, humble, helping people in a lifetime. I have been blessed to know more than my share…and you are one.

Kelly Riggs’s LinkedIn Recommendation

Bob didn’t sign on to be my coach, and, frankly, I didn’t ask him to be my coach. Yet, over the course of several months, Bob coached me through an important objective in my career – to finish writing my second book. That is a snapshot of Bob Terson. No pretense. No agenda. Just willing to help.

Now, he finds himself in demand as a coach for young, aspiring salespeople and sales managers. Why am I not surprised? Bob has the perfect temperament for a coach: He is encouraging, he is honest, he is helpful, he has ideas, and he listens. He helps you discover your way.

I heartily recommend Bob to anyone who is looking to navigate his or her way through a personal challenge. Trust me – you will learn as much from his example as you will his counsel.


Mike Sobel’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Business Owner

I met Robert by chance at a networking event I wasn’t even going to attend. The fates had it in for me. 

After listening to Robert give a speech about his book (Selling Fearlessly), I engaged Robert in a conversation about a couple of the points in his discussion. One thing let to another and we ended up setting up a time to meet for breakfast to continue our conversation.

In the ninety minutes I spent with Robert I really learned a tremendous amount about him, myself and Sales! He was able to give me one of the best “nuggets” of sales advice I have ever received. It was spot on, specific to my clientele and he helped me refine it right there on the spot. 

I put it to work right away and I’ve seen positive results, I’m looking forward to my next “nugget”. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Robert and his services. 

Thanks again Robert, I really appreciate it.


Garrett Kramer–Salesperson

You told me to call you via Twitter Direct Message, and I couldn’t believe it. Seriously this guy actually wants to help me… it’ll never happen. The surprising part about it is that it did and we did. I took some notes, wrote down a few books suggestions from you and applied that snippet of wisdom, that 3×5 notecard of questions, answers and action steps to my daily work day for the last 30 some days and it warranted I provide you some feedback on our call.

It flat out worked! Did I win every deal? No. However, did I win more and did I have control of the process, the prospect and the project? 100% yes, absolutely and without a doubt! Most were wins, some were not but there was clearly a visible and results creating change in my game. My Director commented on it, my Solutions Consultant said something too and I had my biggest quarter yet while winning an Eagle Award for it.

Thanks for the knowledge Bob and I look forward to speaking to you again soon and updating you with further progress and a #1 status report.

Garrett Kramer’s LinkedIn Recommendation

Bob is one of the more fascinating people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. His wisdom and expertise as it relates to selling has helped me become a better sales person, think more strategically about my role and close more business. His insight and out of the box way of thinking adds value to every conversation I have with him. I highly recommend Bob to any sales person or sales team looking to take their results and their process to the next level.


Hunter Lappen–Associate Financial Planner

Bob, I can’t stop thinking about our conversation the other day. It really stirred me. To be honest, I felt like I just got my ass kicked but I needed that and I appreciate what you did. It shook me in a positive way to get my act together and, as you said, stop pretending and release myself from that self-imposed prison. So on Tuesday, I called about 25 people I’ve been putting off. I got mostly voicemails but I reached three and set three qualified meetings. I’m also building a cold calling list to increase my call volume.

Along with our conversation, your post about work schedule also hit me. All week I’ve been getting up everyday at 6:30am to work out and then at the office early to hit the phones. I drafted a priority list with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and I’m working my plan. I feel more powerful and confident and I’m overcoming my fear of the phones. Thank you for your help.


Keith Leitzen–Salesperson

Thank you for the time and attention you provided to me this past Thursday, your willingness to share with me on a personal level is important to me and greatly appreciated! Did you help me? Yes…Your ability to find the “root” of the problem in such a short time is just another testament to your excellent selling skills developed over your successful career.


Mark Kosoglow–Sales Manager

Thanks so much for taking time and caring enough to send this. It changed how I was thinking (rather-what I was NOT thinking about). 

I truly appreciate your time, kindness, and advice this morning. It was fun and enlightening. Thank you.

Thought you might like to read this. Your book inspired it, and it was a very timely word of encouragement from one of my sales reps to the rest of my team.

Parts of Chris Blackburn’s Letter

I’ve been spending some time this week reading “Selling Fearlessly” by Robert Terson and, to be honest, I love the way he writes and explains things to fellow salespeople. I’ve made a few notes here that I hope you will take a few moments to read.

1. “The Triangle” really defines who we are (or who we SHOULD BE) as Sales Consultants moving forward.  On one side, we have a mental attitude, then our work habits, and finally, salesmanship. He’s absolutely right, all three must be strong to create a base that won’t collapse. I asked myself yesterday . . . am I strong in all three areas?

2. On page 45 “What You Must Do” . . . are we prepared “to the utmost degree” to sell In-Command? Raising Respect? Foundations? Classic? Folders? I like the mindset that we must prepare like an athlete . . . for us, that means knowing our presentation like our ABC’s (including objections and our rebuttal).

3. Finally, are we afraid of failure? I think that…if we are honest, it holds us all back from time to time. Go back and read page 38. I loved what he wrote under “Do You Believe In Win-Win?”: You won’t make every customer happy; some people you couldn’t please if you gave them gold bars, but that doesn’t matter, as long as YOU know you’re doing right by them, and you’re providing real value, that you’re a value-based salesperson.

Is that who we are as the Northeast Region? Is that who we are as Sales People? I ask this question for one reason:  Do we really believe in what we are selling to schools? I don’t know about you, but for the first time in years I am excited about our products…THEY NEED TO HEAR ABOUT IT and they can only hear about it from us. 

Before you all turn on me. . . no, Mark did not ask me to write this. I’ve spent most of the past few hours reading this book and I feel challenged. I am inspired to bring change to our schools and to the students who need what we have to offer.

Mark Kosoglow’s LinkedIn Recommendation

I stumbled upon Robert Terson when I responded to a tweet in which he was mentioned. It is always unexpected to get a personal “how can I help you” reply from a random tweet, but that is what I got from Robert.

I called him. He spent 2 hours on the phone with me. We talked about sales, social media, blogging, self-promotion, stories, families, etc. During that conversation, I got to know who Robert is.

Robert is a guru. He is a gray-beard. He is a sales master with mountains of experience — maybe mountain ranges of experience. He doesn’t just know how to do things; he knows why he does them. Better yet, he can help you understand why you should do them. Some gurus sitting up on a mountain only open the gates of their temple once a year or only to the “right” people. Robert freely gives what he knows. He has an entertaining, story-telling style, and be truthful, who wouldn’t rather hear a story of how someone has accomplished something over a bullet list of how-to’s?

Need sales help? Ask Robert Terson. His book “Selling Fearlessly” is a mindset changer. My conversations with him have been enlightening. His offers to help me and my sales team have been frequent and generous. I strongly recommend Robert Terson as a salesman, author, motivator, mentor, and person.


Steve WeberConference Host, Speaker, Forest Gump Tribute

Thanks much for taking the time and sharing with me some of your wisdom … and specifically your insights into me, where I stand today, and some of the things holding me back.

Nothing you said was revolutionary in concept … but some of what you said was right on, direct, and timely.

You said things that I needed someone to say to me. I needed to hear your comments.


1. Action (I need more of it)

2. Desire (“wanting something as much as you want to breathe”)

3. Visualization (Being the man I want to be … so that I’m living what I preach)

4. Specificity in language (I tend to speak in abstract terms — use the power of speaking in specific terms)

Steve Weber’s LinkedIn Recommendation

Bob worked with me at a time in my career when I was feeling stuck. His years of experience, creative ideas, and enthusiasm helped me reconnect with the things I do best. More importantly, he helped me shift my focus to the client and the value the client receives. That shift transformed my business from surviving to thriving. If you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, I recommend Bob as a coach who will help you find your special purpose.



I want to thank you for your great advice. It helped me to get the courage to call the client…I’m glad I called to find out and not have to worry anymore.

I bought your book because of the reviews on Amazon. It’s an easy read but it could not have been written by anyone than a very experienced sales person. It feels very thorough to me because you describe the mindset you have to have and the perseverance needed to succeed. You also mention that you can lose your confidence in an instant but, in my own words, to not take that too seriously. We all have a time in our life when things don’t work out. I cannot agree more with that the worst mistake we make is to give up. The work habits are also helpful to me. It helps me thinking about organizing my year differently…and setting specific goals and monitor the results of changed strategies. What I also enjoyed about the book is that you write about your own interests and values. It makes me feel I got to know you a bit and it’s not just a book filled with tips. The chapters are built logically on each other, something my tax accountant mind really appreciates.

Thanks again for writing your book and sharing your invaluable 40+ years of sales experience


Harlan Terson’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Musician

Bob is a great salesman, and a first rate trainer, as well. I know this first hand. He took a reluctant, scared musician, and taught him to go out and successfully make cold calls for three years. Bob is also as generous a person as you will ever meet. He genuinely likes people. Bob has also been a very good brother, so I may be a little biased here, but I think I’m still being darned accurate.


Steve Suggs–Author, Speaker, Sales Recruiter & Hiring Trainer

It is always great to keep in touch with you. You have been an inspiration and great coach through this whole book launch process.

Steve Suggs’s LinkedIn Recommendation

Being the master networker that he is, Bob reached out to me on LinkedIn. The timing of his call was a huge blessing. I was writing my first book and had no idea of how to get endorsements from recognizable and influential people. And, one day Bob calls me out of the blue. We spend some time getting to know each other and agree this LinkedIn connection could be a win-win.

While Bob is showing me his about-to-be-released book, I notice all of these big name endorsees. I’m impressed and in awe and extremely curious as to how a first time author was able to get all of these influential people to read and endorse his book. After getting to know Bob, I now understand; he’s a very influential guy himself.

With a simple question as to how he obtained an impressive list of endorsees, Bob begins to coach and encourage me through the same process that he used. With Bob’s detailed and specific strategy, along with his personal coaching, he helped me accomplish the same results. I obtained the needed influential endorsements for my first book.

It was all because of a random phone call from a man with years of real world, practical experience in leading others to success – Thank you Bob for your servant heart.


Dan Giuliacci’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Salesperson & Team Advisor

Robert Terson is not your typical author and sales coach. This man reached out to me via a social networking site and asked if he could help me! As you could imagine I was pretty stunned that he would ask me if he could help without any strings attached. He proceeded to provide his contact information including his direct phone number. I was stunned because it is not every day that you get someone with Roberts type of background willing to provide help without paying for some sort of class.

I couldn’t believe the opportunity I had and so I jumped right away! I had one area that I was really struggling with and asked him if he had suggestions. We immediatly set up a time to discuss this over the phone and after almost an hour on the phone, I had 5 pages of notes and answers that sent me in the right direction! I am so greatful for the time Robert spent with me and all the advice he provided was incredible.

Thank you Robert!


Rick Lorch–National Sales Director

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me yesterday as I greatly appreciate it. You did not have to do it but offered the most valuable resource there is to do it, one’s time. I have thought a great deal of your advice and how it will improve my sales.

I will work on my “confidence and power” on the phone as well as focus on the number of presentations I do in a week. I get up and am in my office everyday at 5am working on improving myself. Reading all of the books I have mentioned before. I have now starting reading Think and Grow Rich again.

In closing I think of a Zig Zigglar quote ” People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care”. I know you care and I and others are very thankful for that. I was also very touched for the love and importance you have for your wife as I feel the same way.

Rick Lorch’s LinkedIn Recommendation

Bob has become a personal mentor and friend to me in my sales career. His greatest attribute is willingness to give of his time with no expectation of anything in return. You know he cares about you as a person and wanting to help you achieve success. His sales knowledge, coaching and training has been a invaluable resource to me. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking personal improvement and sales success in their career.


Mark Popp–Management Consultant & Speaker

I am really enjoying your great book. I share many of your sentiments and philosophy, which is probably why I love the book so much. Plus the fact that you are a great writer and I am focusing on your technique so I can continue to learn and improve.

You really should be so proud! A great and valuable achievement. So many people carry a dream to write a book but fail to follow through. You have done it and you have done it well…The ability to move, entertain, and motivate people with your words is a treasure and a blessing; so I commend you.

I will never forget your generously setting aside some of your valuable time to help little old me way over here in Syracuse, New York, with no financial return. It is because of this fact that I know you are the real deal and that what you say and espouse in your book is genuine and heart-felt. I really do think that your type is, sadly, a rare breed today. We need more people in the world who share a philosophy of making helping other people achieve success and happiness their focus, instead of just personal financial gain.


Dave Warawa–Sales and Sales Management Training & Consulting Services

Bob, I wanted to send you an email to once again personally thank you for spending time with me this morning. To think that you would take 45 minutes of your time to simply reach out to want to help someone with no strings attached is amazing. Frankly, it’s a testament to your character and passion.

Dave Warawa’s LinkedIn Recommendation

The leading successful Salespeople all have a unmistakable trait. They consistently focus on other people’s needs, sometimes with little regard to their own. They do this for the simple reason of wanting to help and be a resource to those they interact with. This is Robert Terson. He has offered me great advice in building my business without no thought to his own personal gain. That is a rare gift that encourages you to pass your experience onto others. Thank you Robert.


Ken Smith–Senior Manager, Employee Development

Thanks for a great conversation today! Wow – it is so refreshing to meet people like you and I appreciate all the great advice today including:

1. My writing and language style – keep it simple and clear as if you are standing and talking to the person next to you.

2. Advising me…regarding my post on Linked about successful vs average sales people.

3. Our discussion about “Think and Grow Rich” – read it, study it and do exactly what he tells you to do.

4. Taking time to review my blogs and offering me an opportunity to write two examples to be considered for your blog.

5. Challenging me to tell you what I want to become!


Michael Goodman–Sales Trainer & Coach

Over the years I have supported a few people, as I was shown how to do from my family. Just a personal belief system. Rarely has anyone offered simple assistance the same way, simply because it is a nice thing to do. I realized when you offered to assist me in writing and as a guest blogger, that you were offering from your heart that which would be valuable to me.  

Thank you for all you have done for me.


Chris Goodrow’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Sales Manager & Writer

I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have “met” Robert through social media and have enjoyed our subsequent conversations. He is truly someone I respect and it is an honour (I’m Canadian) to be featured on his site. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Robert’s support in my endevours.

I have been following Robert’s blog on for over a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed his content and his style of writing. Robert’s writing is engaging and full of value insight; something I look up to and hope to emulate.


Leanne Hoagland-Smith’s LinkedIn Recommendation–Sales & Small Business Trainer, Coach & Consultant

Robert is one of those rare individuals who can seamlessly unite his years of experience to what is happening in today’s sales and marketing arenas. He is the consummate professional not to mention gentleman who is always willing to lend a helping hand with incredible grace. His book “Selling Fearlessly” is a true reflection of Bob’s overall sales and business style. I am honored to know him both professionally and personally and would recommend him without any reservation.

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