Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Instructional Manual By Robert Terson

“Robert Terson has combined the art of compelling story telling with the wisdom of his personal experience at selling in his masterful book, Selling Fearlessly, which not only hits the nail on the head, but also drives it into the board to its hilt. He candidly and engagingly enthralls readers with tales of success and failure, while taking them by the hand and leading them from fear to greatness. His book ought to be mandatory reading for anyone engaged in sales. I recommend it highly.”

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerilla Marketing
Author, “Guerilla Marketing” series of books
Over 21 million sold; now in 62 languages


“Wow! This book is overloaded with practical methods and techniques you can use immediately to get more prospects, make better presentations, and close more sales.”

Brian Tracy
Author, The Psychology of Selling


“The only thing better than first-hand experience is to learn from the experiences of others. In this book, Bob Terson generously shares his experiences in the field of selling and, believe me, his lessons will shorten the learning curve for anyone who reads and adopts his advice.”

Tom Hopkins
Sales Trainer and author of How to Master the Art of Selling


“Every generation needs to learn the same wisdom their predecessors had to learn in order to succeed. The trouble is, it is usually communicated in the way the previous generation learned it and so the new folks reject it as out of date, at their own peril. Robert Terson has captured not only the sales wisdom of the ages but also the storytelling mastery of the great teachers and brought it together for you in Selling Fearlessly. This is a book you will remember. It is filled with vivid, compelling stories, told in a personal style that makes you a part of the action. Enjoy this book and then assure that your colleagues and later, your kids, read it too.”

Jim Cathcart
Author of Relationship Selling


“A treasure trove of valuable sales information in an extremely readable book. Selling Fearlessly should be required reading for anybody in sales or customer service, whether they have one year or 40 years of experience.”

Dr. Tony Alessandra
Author of 27 business books including Non-Manipulative Selling and The Platinum Rule


“Selling is a shared experience that salespeople have all by themselves. If you think that selling is scary or something you just aren’t cut out for, read Selling Fearlessly. Gain from Bob Terson’s 40 years of been-there-done-that experience. You’ll quickly discover you aren’t alone and that the path you’re on leads to happy customers and success.”

Chris Lytle
Author of The Accidental Salesperson and The Accidental Sales Manager


“If you’re in sales—and we’re all in sales—read Robert Terson’s Selling Fearlessly. It’s not only entertaining but it’s packed full of information that anyone who ever wants to sell anything to anyone else needs to know. If this book doesn’t pay for itself many times over, you simply weren’t paying attention and you need to read it again.”

Barry Maher
Author, No Lie: Truth is the Ultimate Sales Tool!


“There are a ton of sales books out there; but this one addresses all the elements of selling, broken down in three key areas—Mental Attitude, Work Habits, and Salesmanship. Terson doesn’t just tell you how to sell, he shows you how; you’ll be entertained as much as enlightened by a master storyteller with 43 years of in-the-trenches selling experience. Selling Fearlessly is perfectly suited for all types of selling but will have most value to the one-call-close salesperson. Curl up and enjoy!”

Daniel Adams
Principal: Adams & Associates
Author of Building Trust, Growing Sales
Developer of Trust Triangle Selling™ Workshops & The Sales Strategizer™ iPhone App


“Selling Fearlessly is just that, giving great insight into how to sell fearlessly from a successful salesman that proved it works for over 40 years! With great stories Robert Terson goes to the heart of the matter and demonstrates what it really takes to be on top. If you’re looking for a quick fix, easy street or a magic bullet, this is not the place. On the other hand if you want real consistent success in selling, Selling Fearlessly shows you the way. The stories are captivating and pointed, an easy read yet with plenty of meat to push your sales to another level consistently.”

Harlan Goerger
President AskHG.com
Three times Business Author; Sales Trainer & Coach


“In sales, it really is experience that counts. Bob Terson shares what he has learned and shows you what works. His 40+ years in sales and business will help you cut the learning curve and improve your sales closing ratio immediately. Great reading for beginners and old pros alike, use his book as a reference guide to your future success.”

Brian Bieler
Author of The Sales Operator


“With hesitancy, I picked up yet another sales related book and much to my delight was swept away by pages whose fragrance was reminiscent of the legendary Ziglar. Bob’s sincerity shines through not as advice, but as inspiration; well worth the read! Women, you’ll enjoy listening to a man who speaks from the heart, neither patronizing nor condescending in any way.”

Terri Dunevant
Award-Winning Author of The Staircase Principle


“In Selling Fearlessly Robert Terson presents one of the most useful presentations on selling that you’ll ever read. You won’t find great, deep, highly sophisticate—and useless—discussions of sales theory found in so many “serious” sales books, nor will you find the silly—and meaningless—platitudes found in many “motivational” sales books. Instead you’ll find a great storyteller who relates real world experiences—and lessons learned—in selling over a long and highly successful career. Read and pay attention, for this is the real world of selling—and there are real lessons that all successful sellers must learn. You can learn them from Terson, or you can learn them the hard way on the street. Your choice.

Paul McCord
Sales Trainer/Consultant and best-selling author


“With Selling Fearlessly, Bob Terson has taken us into the world of the ‘real’ salesperson where we get to experience his frustrations, lessons learned, tricks and tips and keys to success. Most important, we get the inside secrets that only someone with Bob’s background and insight could share. With 40+ years of experience, Bob has seen it all and his book is an exceptional guide and truly ‘A Master Salesman’s Instructional Manual.’ Filled with stories and great examples (e.g., let’s all start selling like Andy the iPad® guy), Selling Fearlessly is a book to be read multiple times—for some great reminders, humorous commentary, and sales inspiration.”

Sam Richter
CEO/Founder SBR Worldwide/Know More!
Best-Selling Author of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling


“I finally read a sales book that I liked! It doesn’t happen often because most sales books are either poorly written, ill conceived, or they miss the point entirely as to what selling is supposed to entail. Not so with Selling Fearlessly. Bob Terson holds your hand, takes you for a walk, describes the scenery, discusses his thoughts and prepares you to fearlessly go out and do what he has done with such great success. You’ll enjoy this book a lot because Bob is a great story teller and has many stories to tell.”

Dave Kurlan
Best-Selling Author of Baseline Selling
Understanding the Sales Force
Founder and CEO Objective Management Group, Inc.


“If you only have one meeting to close the sale, Selling Fearlessly is the book for you. In his own inimitable style, Bob Terson shares the secrets of success as well as how to deal with the bumps along the way.”

Jill Konrath
Author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies


“Robert Terson takes his more than 40 years of selling experience and offers us a book that is compelling!  A hard hitting “how to” book on selling, these pages are full of engaging stories and specific techniques you can use in each step of the sales process. Whether it be closing techniques or what to do after the sale, his advice is excellent for the new salesperson and the seasoned expert.

Don’t just read “Selling Fearlessly” – use it as a hands-on tool!”

Mark Hunter
“The Sales Hunter”
Author of “High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price”


“Over the decades that have passed since my friend, Bob Terson, started selling, a lot of things have changed. But what hasn’t changed is captured neatly in Bob’s book, be it the ability to tell a story (and Bob has plenty), the mental attitude that leads to success, the work ethic required to succeed and win, or mastering the fundamentals of selling. Pick up Selling Fearlessly and join Bob on a wild ride through the world of selling–and sell fearlessly on the other side!”

Anthony Iannarino
Author of The Sales Blog


“The one must have attribute to successful selling is confidence. Confidence in yourself, your company, the products and services you’re selling and the pricing structure are imperative. In a very personal book that every salesperson can relate to, you will learn through Bob Terson’s colorful, real life experiences how to become a fearless seller.”

Gary Hart
Four decades of sales and marketing success

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