Facts about male potency here

Fact 1: Everyday sex improves potency

High levels of adrenaline and cortisol inhibit testosterone synthesis. Only regular physical loads can be disposed of by stress hormones. The choice is sex. Also, with this schedule of sexual life, the production of testosterone is stimulated even more thanks to the active work of the testicles.

Fact 2: Bathing can provoke impotence

As well as cold bathes and another extreme. It is, of course, a regular “nerve tickle.” The fact is that the level of adrenaline, which at such pastime goes off the scale, each time increases exponentially.

Fact 3: Tea with herbals can harm your sexual state

Because of the pronounced aroma and taste in almost any tea that uses mint and melissa, and for a rich color – hibiscus. They have a substantial calming effect and reduce blood pressure, which affects the erection.

Fact 4: Cialis helps with ED

Cialis will help you with erectile dysfunction. In the case of Cialis, there will be no unexpected erection, it appears only after sexual stimulation! The drug available for sale at CialDoc, it begins to work 15 minutes after intake, but it is better to take the pill 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Fact 5: Some sitting pose may reduce erection

Vascular mesh in the genitals of a man is similar to a spider web – so thin. Therefore, poor circulation in it quickly leads to a stagnation of blood and persistent. First, it worsens the blood supply of the penis, that is, the erection, and secondly, the venous outflow, that is, the erection artist appears rapidly weakens. This effect is caused by some poses, like when a man every day a certain number of times sits with crossed legs, throwing them on the table – in this case, squeezed hollow vein, going through the groin.

Fact 6: Ride a ladies’ bike

When riding a bicycle with a narrow seat, the crotch vessels are pressed, and on bumps, it is easy to damage the nerve endings in it. Therefore, long and regular bike rides for men’s health are better to make on the “ladies” ” that is, wide, seat.

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